Short Term Corporate Housing - Personalization

When traveling away from home, you can feel a bit homesick. It doesn't matter how nice or luxurious your place is, it's important to make things comfortable for you! The team at Suite Accommodations understands your needs and is here to provide you some personalization advice when you select our short-term corporate housing. By following our advice, you'll have no problem making your temporary home feel like your actual home.

Take a look at these personalization tips for your short-term corporate housing stay:

  • Bring Pictures - Whether its pictures of your family members or just some pieces of your favorite art, bringing your own pictures with you during your extended can make any place feel comfortable. Even bringing a picture of your home city that reminds you of some of your favorite areas can make you feel happy.
  • Enjoy Your Favorite Scents - Do you have a favorite perfume or potpourri that you enjoy using in your own home? Bring it to your new temporary home! When you smell a comforting and familiar smell, any place can feel like home.
  • Don't Forget Your Favorite Entertainment - When you are enjoying your favorite movie or album, you can beat even the worst homesickness. When you choose our short-term corporate housing, you'll have access to a DVD player, as well as a high-quality television. Additionally, don't forget to pack up an MP3 player stuffed with your favorite tunes!
  • Bring Your Pet - Did you know that you can bring your pets with you? Suite Accommodations does allow pets in some of the homes and apartments we provide. There's nothing like a pet to make any place feel like home.

Now that you know all about what you can do to make your short-term corporate housing feel more like home, you need to contact Suite Accommodations to book your stay! Our business has been providing short-term corporate housing throughout Sacramento, Roseville, and Folsom, as well as many surrounding areas. All you have to do is contact us and give us the details and our team members will get to work for you. From booking to your return, it is our job to make your short-term corporate housing experience perfect. Call us today at (888) 870-8112 or send an email to to inquire about our services today.