Our Traveler’s Package for Short-Term Corporate Housing

Finding a way to stay in short term corporate housing and to avoid hotels is a fervent desire of executives, corporate employees and employees whose work requires occasional travel. At Suite Accommodations, we offer options that allow our guests to custom tailor each room. Our short term corporate housing traveler package provides the comforts of home and a variety of furnishings.

When a traveler chooses Suite Accommodations, there is no need to cope with unpleasant living in a cramped and expensive hotel room. Price fluctuations in hotels are common, and travelers have no access to residential services. Short term corporate housing is a unique service that serves executives and corporate workers who prefer something better.

Our living rooms attend to a traveler’s entertainment needs with a 32 inch LCD television on a stand and a DVD player. With a sofa and chair, complemented by a coffee table and an end table with a lamp, the living room offers comfort and relaxation with a personal touch. Our dining room furnishings provide a table and four chairs or six in our three bedroom units.

The optional items for our master bedroom include a convenient workspace with a desk/work station for preparing documents for the next day’s meeting. Furnishings for our master bedroom include a queen bed with a headboard, a nightstand with a lamp and a chest of drawers. A 27 inch LCD TV for the bedroom can make it a perfect spot for relaxation when the work is done. Moving from the work station to the television is similar to the transition that guests experience at home.

Short term corporate housing guests may select a king bed set if it is preferable, and additional bedrooms are available as well. Taking into consideration a variety of sleeping patterns and preferences, Suite Accommodations offers a queen or two twin beds in the additional rooms. With furnishings that are similar to those in the master bedroom, the extra rooms have a queen bed and headboard, a chest of drawers and a nightstand with a lamp.

Traveling away from home is difficult and unpleasant enough in gracious accommodations, but living in a cold and impersonal hotel adds to the burden. With short term corporate housing, guests have room to spread out in spacious accommodations. Inviting friends or co-workers over for an evening offers a gracious way to enjoy their companionship.